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Boy Struck By Car In Crosswalk Accident

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A boy, 7, was injured in a pedestrian accident when a Ford Taurus proceeded through the crosswalk at Mauring and Ridgeway despite a crossing guard wearing a reflective vest and displaying a stop sign.

Following the accident, Wichita Falls Police Department released a news statment urging motorists to exercise extreme caution when driving through school zones.

The boy suffered a cut to his lip and bruise to his leg when he was thrown to the ground. An ambulance transported him to the hospital as a precaution.

Officers are closely monitoring the school zones, said Officer Harold McClure, a public information officer with the WFPD.

Officer McClure also said motorists need to be on alert for flashing lights indicating school zones and also when they come upon intersections; they need to be aware that a crossing guard may be there to help the children cross.

Failure to obey a crossing guard is a ticketable offense.