Wichita, Kansas


Chrissie Cole

Caldwell Man Killed In Crash With Semi-Truck

A Caldwell man was killed late on U.S. 166 late Friday night after his vehicle collided with a semi-truck, according to the Kansas Highway Patrol.
Russell Engel, 46, was transported to Via…

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Boy Struck By Car In Crosswalk Accident

A boy, 7, was injured in a pedestrian accident when a 2008 Ford Taurus proceeded through the crosswalk at Mauring and Ridgeway despite a guard wearing a reflective vest and displaying a stop…

Chrissie Cole

Wichita Teen Killed; Sun May Be Factor In Crash

A 15-year-old Wichita boy was struck and killed while running in a crosswalk. According to Wichita Police, the sun’s glare apparently kept the driver from seeing the teen in the road.

Tom Warner

Wichita Woman Injured In Car Accident

A Wichita woman was injured in a car accident last week when the van she was driving collided with a pickup truck. The crash occurred on highway 254 when the driver of the pickup attempted to pass the van.The pickup was driven by a 16-year-old from Benton.The driver of the van, Elaine Hauser, 62, of Wichita, then lost control, causing the van to roll two full turns before coming to rest in the…

Chrissie Cole

Wichita Woman Killed in Devastating Collision

A Wichita woman on her way home from work, was killed in a horrific two-vehicle collision on Friday morning. The woman, 36, of Wichita, was traveling south in her 2002 Honda Accord on US 81 around the curve when authorities believe she over-corrected, causing the vehicle to “power slide,” (also know as drifting light) which left her car sideways on the roadway.A man, 71, of Wellington, driving a…

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Police Chase Ends in Car Accident

A police chase led to a car accident in east Wichita on Friday at 9:30 a.m. Officers attempted to pull over a man for minor traffic violations but the driver sped away.The police chase didn’t last very long. The driver crossed over the intersection at Webb and Center and crashed into another vehicle. The driver sustained minor injuries and the suspect was caught while trying to run from the…

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Driver Doing Well after Crash on Turnpike

Wearing a seatbelt can save your life and a 49-year-old Lawrence woman is living proof. The woman was involved in a single-car accident, at 1pm on Friday, on the Kansas Turnpike. Listed in fair condition Friday evening, she is expected to recover. She was traveling east on Interstate 70 when her car started to drift off to the side of the road. When she tried to steer back on to the road she…

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KWCH Reporter Injured In Car Accident

Alana Rocha, KWCH 12, was critically injured in a car accident last Saturday. Wichita Police believe the driver that crashed into her car was driving while drunk.Police say they first spotted the driver because he almost crashed into another car. They thought he was stopping when he pulled into a parking spot but the man kept on driving through an alleyway and back onto the road.He was traveling…

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Woman Hit by SUV

A woman was hit by an SUV last night, just before 7pm when she stepped in the way of an oncoming car, Wichita Falls Police report.The accident took place at the intersection of Harrison and Elizabeth. The 35-year-old woman failed to yield the car and that is when she was hit by a Hyundai.She was transported to the hospital where she was treated and then released.

Chrissie Cole

Super Bowl Party Hosts: Liable for Guests Drinking and Driving

The insurance industry financed a survey that says many Americans that are planning a Super Bowl Party are underinsured and open to potential lawsuits and financial ruin.The data shows that of an estimated 28.5 million people hosting a party between the holidays and the Super Bowl, 21.3 million do not have a personal umbrella insurance policy, liable for potential lawsuits should the worst…