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Settlement with Consolidated Workers Approved by Judge

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On Thursday, a Wichita judge approved a settlement agreement in a class action suit brought upon by employees of Consolidated Manufacturing.

Checks made out to the 98 employees involved in the suit should be sent before year end, said the employees’ representative. “They have ten days, so theoretically they can issue them New Year’s Eve,” said Spahn.

The suite alleges the company violated Federal Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act by failing to give workers a 60-day notice prior to a mass layoff. The company gave 120 employees 30-minutes notice on February 28th prior to shutting down its plant in Halstead.

Under the $240,000 settlement agreement approved by U.S. District Judge Monti L. Belot, the company does not admit it violated the law. Each employee is expected to receive about $1,600 to $1,700 after attorney fees are paid, but before state and federal withholding taxes are withdrawn.